Non-Executive Recruitment

Our Strategy and Key Strategic Priorities

You will be joining the Trust as we revise and relaunch our corporate strategy setting out our ambition for the future and this is an excellent time to influence the development of our services.

We have continued to focus on the three strategic aims as set out in our five year strategy for 2015 to 2020:

  • Do what we do well – achieve sustainable service delivery and ongoing improvements, whilst protecting best practice and quality standards through optimum use of all available resources.
  • Look after our employees – nurture a consistent culture of compassion that values and supports employees to deliver exceptional care to patients.
  • Develop new ways of working – drive and shape the future of urgent and emergency care services through effective integration and collaboration.

The delivery of the strategic aims is supported by the Trust’s corporate objectives, with the following priorities being in place for 2019/20 and 2020/21 to support the delivery of the Trust’s operational and financial plan:

  • Organisational sustainability – including achieving the financial plan; and delivering agreed performance trajectories.
  • Improving quality and safety – including delivering the Care Quality Commission (CQC) improvement plan; developing and delivering the Quality Strategy and Clinical Workforce Strategy; refreshing and relaunching quality improvement methodologies; and delivering the requirements of safe, sustainable and productive staffing.
  • Workforce and Investors in People – including achieving the Investors in People standard; recruiting to the increased establishment levels; reducing sickness absence; and delivering the Organisational Development Strategy.
  • Clinical Care and Transport – including implementation of the restructure and integration of the Clinical Care and Transport model; implementing the requirements of the Ambulance Response Programme;  and alignment of capacity and demand.
  • NHS111 and the Clinical Assessment Service – including the development and expansion of the Clinical Assessment Service; the development of the North East Provider Alliance; and development of the NHS111 and Clinical Assessment Service.
  • Communications and engagement – including strengthening and developing communications channels to employees and stakeholders; and full engagement with the Integrated Care System planning and delivery.